Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday's Action

Lots of shuffling in the seeding yesterday. Here's a quick rundown:
  • Purdue drops to a 3-seed with there loss at Northwestern, while the Wildcats will return the field as an 11-seed.
  • Ohio State picks up another big time win against Wisconsin. They move to the top of the 5-seed line. Wisconsin remains a 3-seed.
  • UNC drops to the bottom of the 7-seed line with their loss at home to Georgia Tech, despite a magnificent performance by Will Graves. Tech jumps up to the top of the 6-seed line.
  • Miami drops down a couple seed lines to a 10. UVA cracks the top 60 for the first time this season.
  • West Virginia falls to the bottome of the 3 line with their loss to 'Cuse at home. The Orange(men) remain at the bottom of the 1-seed line.
  • Pitt stays at the top of the 4 line. Louisville is a big win away from making the field, and they are certainly capable of beating a top Big East team; they seem to play everyone tough. Too bad they always start off so slow.
  • Notre Dame is hanging on to the field by a thread after their loss to Cincy. There only quality win is West Virginia, so they'll certainly need to pick up some more solid wins to make the final field.
  • Tennessee vaults up to the bottome of the 2 line with their win in OT at home against Mississippi. Ole Miss drops to a 5-seed.
  • UNLV is no longer the favorite to win the MWC after losing to Utah. They drop to the bottom of the 8 line below BYU. New Mexico is now the favorite to win the conference.
  • Dayton drops to the 7 line, while Xavier makes the field again as the third A-10 team. Temple is now the favorite to win the conference.
  • Missouri falls to the 10-seed line; Oklahoma makes the top 60.
  • Texas Tech gets knocked out the bracket with their embarassing loss to Kansas. They are not even in the Last Eight Out.
  • Wichita State's loss to Creighton will keep them out of the next bracket. Marquette is now the last team in.

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