Sunday, March 11, 2012

Late the ole partay....

Ones: Kentucky, Syracuse, Michigan State, North Carolina
Twos: Missouri, Kansas, Duke, Ohio State
Threes: Baylor, Marquette, Michigan, Wisconsin
Fours: Georgetown, Florida State, Indiana, Louisville
Fives: Nevada-Las Vegas, Temple, New Mexico, Vanderbilt
Sixes: San Diego State, Wichita State, Murray State, Cincinnati
Sevens: Notre Dame, Creighton, Florida, Kansas State
Eights: Iowa State, Saint Mary's, Gonzaga, Alabama
Nines: Saint Louis, Purdue, Connecticut, Memphis
Tens: Xavier, Virginia, Harvard, Southern Mississippi
Elevens: West Virginia, Brigham Young, California, Seton Hall
Twelves: Colorado State vs. Drexel, Virginia Commonwealth, Mississppi State vs. Texas, Colorado
Thirteens: Saint Bonaventure, Ohio, Davidson, Long Beach State
Fourteens: New Mexico State, South Dakota State, Belmont, Montana
Fifteens: Loyala-Maryland, Lehigh, Long Island, Norfolk State
Sixteens: Detroit, North Carolina-Asheville, Lamar vs. Western Kentucky, Vermont vs. Mississippi Valley State

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  1. great picks! i will be checking in to see how it fans out for ya!